Mai 28, 2024

election program


Adjustment of childcare facilities according to the need, establishment of a school kindergarten, relocation of the after-school care into a building


Strengthening the school location through technical optimization for modern lessons, remodeled or new school building, all-day childcare, promotion and development of educational and school social work


Promotion of public youth work, regular youth panels

Senior citizens:

Creation of apartments and care facilities suitable for the elderly, close cooperation with the senior citizens‘ advisory council

Urban development:

Moderate expansion of land zoned for urbanization for locals and young families, design of the town center, promotion of social housing, development of commercial space according to needs, strengthening local supply and retail

Infrastructure and traffic:

Provision of modern broadband connections in all districts and in the outer regions, establishment of recharge stations for electric vehicles, design of the town through-road, barrier-free design of the traffic area of our community, development of a cycle path concept for the town through-road, design of the footpath “Tading-Forstern” to the shopping market

Sports and recreation:

Promotion of the sports activities, support in maintaining and expanding the sports facilities, expansion of playgrounds, creation of opportunities for swimming

Associations, civilization, customs:

Further encouraging the dedication of associations and organizations, promotion of adult education through the ‘Volksbildungswerk’, support of the local music school


The farmers are important partners in maintaining the cultural landscape and preserving our home. In order to be able to market their regional products in the locality, we would like to examine the establishment of a weekly market.

Nature and environment:

Redesign of the village pond at the church

Flood control:

Implementation of the flood protection concept